Please ask before hiring if you are unsure about how any of it works. If you require assistance during the shoot this can be arranged beforehand. You are liable for the equipment you hire!


Bowens Gemini R Flash heads x 3

Hedler DF15 Fresnel continuous light

Calumet Remote trigger/receiver set x1

Bowens Umbrella (white/silver)

Bowens Softbox X 3

22” calumet beauty dish

Light stands/clamps/C-stand


Colorama (Colours may vary, but at the moment we have: white, grey,   burgundy, buttercup yellow, lavender, cromo blue, and black -£8 per meter)

Reflector (Zebra gold/silver and white on reverse)

  1. Epson Photo Printer  R2400 (payment required)

Light meter

Smoke pellets (£2 each)


✴ Heater

✴ Clothing rail

✴ Ladders


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